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Auto Expertise Service

With a fully equipped Appraisal, we come to the address you want and do the appraisal of your vehicle on site. At the end of the tests carried out with the latest computerized technology, we give you a detailed appraisal report about the current status of the vehicle. The biggest problem in buying and selling second hand vehicles is not knowing what you are buying. Thanks to the Auto Expertise Report, you can safely buy the vehicle you will buy. Even if the second hand vehicle you will buy is in a different city, we go and do all the checks on your behalf and deliver the report to you.


If your time is limited or if you do not want to wait for hours at the service to check the vehicle you intend to buy, Mobile Appraisal Service is for you. If you do not have time to take the vehicle you intend to buy for inspection, you can benefit from Mobil Service and Mobile Expert services. All you have to do is call us and tell us the date and time of the appointment. If you choose the Mobile Service, our mobile teams will come to the address you specify and perform all the checks of the vehicle you want to buy. It delivers your Detailed Report to you.


We provide accurate, reliable and ethical services with our expert staff. We apply the fastest and most reliable methods for your brand.


Our long-term work continues until the job is finished. We establish solid and long-term relationships with all the companies we work with.